October 4, 2017

About Darpac

General Information

From the smallest promotional trial to a large production run, Darpac are flexible enough to cater for your needs. With our extensive tooling and broad experience, we can produce your canister at a more cost-effective rate than many other forms of packaging.

At Darpac we understand how important our customer's needs are when looking for new and unique forms of packaging. That is why we are continually introducing new and innovative styles of packaging such as our window tubes and fully 100% eco-friendly paper cylinders.

Talk to us at your initial planning or at any stage about your packaging needs. It could be that you're grappling with a packaging problem right now that could easily be solved by Darpac's unique packaging solutions.

The extensive range of diameters and heights available means that we can custom-make your product to look exactly the way you want it and we can produce anywhere from 1 to 1 million.

We can also custom-make a wide range of packaging tubes for postage and mailouts, document storage, inner cores for bubble wrap and printed poster tubes for marketing companies.

Darpac are committed to complete customer satisfaction. From the initial concept to the finished product, Darpac can handle the lot.